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Our Vision & Values

Consultation on Cmat Vision

In April 2015, the Board of Congleton Multi-Academy Trust (Cmat) invited all parents, students, staff, governors and other stakeholders to provide their views on a new 'Vision' for Cmat.  This vision and their ideas were set out in a consultation document that provided an overview of the achievements of Cmat in the first year of operation as well as information about current developments and some ideas for how Cmat is intending to develop over the next few years. 

Thank you to everyone who completed the feedback questionnaire.  We received 41 responses, mainly from staff and parents connected with the four schools that make up Cmat (80% from CHS, 12% from Black Firs, 5% from Castle and 2% from The Congleton College).

Motto for Cmat

There was little support from stakeholders for changing the motto – Achieving Success Together - and it was therefore proposed by Senior Leaders that we do not have a motto for Cmat and that each school keeps its own motto.

Strapline for Cmat

Cmat vision feedback graph (5)

It was also agreed that we should adopt a strapline for Cmat that incorporates the most popular responses into one sentence and this will therefore be:

“A family of academies that promotes lifelong
learning and inspires everyone to succeed”


Development of Cmat

In answer to questions about how Cmat has developed, around half of respondents felt that there has been very little change to their day to day work.  Many saw the setting up as a positive strategic decision with comments like “visionary”, “resilient”, “risk talking” or “progressive” and commented about it being a platform from which we can expand and a means of “extending our great reputation.”  There were a number of comments that suggest that great things are anticipated for the future through increased collaboration. 

Future priorities

When asked what future priorities people would like us to consider, comments included transition for Castle School students, developing The Congleton College, making academies “outstanding”, SEN specialism being developed, middle leadership links across the academies, reviewing management and teaching standards, investment in buildings and sports facilities and staff development.