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Building Strong Teams

Cmat offers training and support to enable schools to build strong teams, providing the basis for success and sustaining improvement. 

Our training will enable you to develop leadership and management skills at all levels, so that your school’s vision and values are embedded in everyday practice.  The Cmat and Congleton High School motto of Achieving Success Together promotes teamwork, achievement and participation and underpins how Cmat will work with you on this vital element of school improvement.

To help your school to build strong teams we can provide:

  • A training programme tailored to your needs
  • Professional day visits to CHS or other member schools to see teamwork in action
  • Resources to support team development
  • Coaching and mentoring support to build teams

To discuss how Cmat can support you in building strong, effective teams, contact David Hermitt on 01260 730123 or use the staff contact link on the right.