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Ensuring Outstanding Safeguarding

Cmat recognises the importance of securing effective safeguarding procedures, which are scrutinised closely in an Ofsted inspection.

At Cmat member school, Congleton High School, strategic leadership and robust systems – which include excellent record keeping – meant that procedures for safeguarding were described by Ofsted as outstanding: "The school's work to keep pupils safe and secure is outstanding" (Ofsted 2014).  The need for all staff to work together consistently to ensure the safety and well-being of all students is underpinned by clear policies, excellent communications and each person knowing and understanding his/her responsibilities.

Our support to ensure outstanding safeguarding focuses on:

  • analysis of current policy and procedure
  • modelling effective practice
  • key staff awareness of roles and responsibilities
  • training for all staff

We can provide support for ensuring outstanding safeguarding through:

  • direct support for key staff
  • professional days to see outstanding practice in action
  • modelling effective practice
  • training for all staff

For more information on our support for outstanding safeguarding, contact David Hermitt on 01260 730123 or use the staff contact link above.