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Cmat's CHS Celebrates Christmas Together

Each year student numbers at all Cmat academies seem to increase, with almost every year group now full to capacity. Because of this, Congleton High's annual Astbury St Mary's Christmas Celebration is really important to them as it is one of the very few opportunities they have to come together as a school.

This year's service was another fantastic event, with such a marvellous atmosphere throughout the whole church. Every student and member of staff was in high spirits and keen to join in with the carols and hymns. Reverend David Trollope had stepped in to take the service at the last minute and led the congregation superbly through a very special celebration of Christmas, Congleton High style.

Along with readings from Reverend Trollope, Head Girl - Chloe Tatton, Head Boy - David Speed and Executive Principal - Mr Hermitt, also helped to share the story of Christmas. Throughout the service, our amazing students sang solos, duets and as part of the choir, making the event even more special and memorable for everyone present.

Mrs Taylor closed the Christmas Celebration with a special thanks to all the students for their behaviour during the morning and throughout the year. As always, the end of the service was signalled with a special 'treat' for the students, a comedy film featuring all the teachers!

Thank you to Georgia Sproson, Year 12, who provided the artwork for our order of service this year.

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