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What is Cmat

Cmat is the operating name for Congleton Multi-Academy Trust. It is an established and thriving multi-academy trust currently comprising four member schools, all extremely successful in their own right. Congleton High School was the founder member in February 2014, joined by Black Firs Primary School, Congleton, later that year, with Castle Primary School in Mow Cop, Staffordshire, joining the family in March 2015. The newest member of the family is The Oaks Academy in Crewe, which joined the Trust in November 2019. In March 2016, the Department for Education (DfE) approved Cmat as a New Academy Sponsor. Sponsors are responsible for establishing any new academy, appointing a leadership team and governing body and monitoring performance and budgeting.

Following our ‘Children matter; achieving together’ ideology, Cmat schools are inclusive and non-selective. They pride themselves upon engaging and challenging all children, to ensure that, whatever their ability, each child is able to thrive and achieve their full potential. This philosophy has resulted in children completing both primary and secondary education as happy, balanced individuals ready to take on the next challenge and equipped with a great education. Our commitment is to raising standards. In each of our schools, we are committed to year-on-year improvements in the outcomes for our young people. Our academies' most recent datat demonstrates that pupils' achievement and progress is improving becase teaching is carefully personalised to meet their needs.

Academically, Cmat schools deliver above average results, outperforming both the Local Authority and national average in SATs, GCSEs and A Levels. In October 2018, Cmat was delighted to learn that the progress made by its secondary school students was the best in the whole of Cheshire and amongst the top schools nationally. Similarly, Castle’s 2018 SATs results for the percentage of pupils meeting the expected level saw the school placed in the top six schools in the whole of the Staffordshire county. Along with its academic achievements, Black Firs celebrates great sporting success and has been CongletonTown Athletics Champion for fourteen years in a row.

Cmat members work together as a close-knit team to ensure that schools are able to guarantee that the high quality and relevance of the education offered is matched by the efficiency of the business systems. Becoming a member of a MAT offers a multitude of benefits for children, parents, carers, staff and schools alike. In the case of Cmat, our common vision, stronger governance, shared expertise and resources, financial strength and economies of scale all combine to create a successful and cohesive “family of schools working in collaboration to be the best they can be.”


  • "We have always worked closely with our partner primary schools but we can now provide our secondary colleagues with a deeper insight into what it is like in a modern primary school and vice versa, which will be of great benefit to all Cmat children." Jim Barlow, Headteacher, Congleton High