• "We believe that learning is a lifelong activity, which engages everyone in our School community. To kindle this love of learning, we engender enthusiasm and strive for high standards. We see every activity as a learning opportunity." Black Firs School prospectus
  • "Your belief in life-long learning shines through. Pupils are taught skills which prepare them for future learning They value the education they receive." Black Firs' Ofsted Report 2017
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Black Firs Primary School

Black Firs is a primary school of just over 260 students in the West Heath area of Congleton. Black Firs joined Cmat and became an academy in June 2014.

Black_FirsBlack Firs Primary School

Longdown Road, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 4QJ
Tel: 01260 272935  Fax: 01260 277285
E-mail: office@black-firs.co.uk
Website: www.black-firs.co.uk
Headteacher: Mr Martin Casserley



  • “We endeavour to create a purposeful and friendly environment in which everyone is assured of individual care and attention. Black Firs is a place where it is safe to make mistakes; it is safe to succeed; it is safe to be yourself.” Martin Casserley, Headteacher, Black Firs Primary School