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Developing exemplary SEND practice

We can help you develop exemplary SEND practice at your school. Creating a fully inclusive school, where all students feel valued, are safe and are able to make progress, demonstrates commitment to statutory regulations and identification of groups whose learning is monitored closely in any Ofsted inspection.

At Cmat member school, Congleton High School, the way in which staff are organised to teach students with special educational needs and/or disabilities has been praised by Ofsted: “There are very good systems in place to meet the needs of students with special educational needs or disabilities. There is convincing evidence of outstanding care which in turn has resulted in improvements in behaviour and attendance” (Ofsted 2014). The deployment of learning support assistants ensures that they make a significant contribution to students’ progress.

In their short inspection visit in March 2018, Ofsted remarked how: "The inclusive culture of the school means that more pupils with SEN and/or disabilities are choosing to join the school" and also recognised the many initiatives implemented by CHS to improve the historically lower attendance rates of SEND students.

Our support to enable you to develop exemplary SEND practice focuses on:

  • seeing effective policy and practice in action
  • key staff awareness of roles and responsibilities
  • Cmat staff working in your school
  • support for specific individuals or groups
  • training for staff

We can provide support for developing exemplary SEND practice through:

  • direct support for key staff
  • professional days
  • modelling effective practice
  • training for staff
  • working to develop support for individuals or groups as appropriate

For more information on our support for developing exemplary SEND practice, contact David Hermitt on 01260 730123 or use the staff contact link above.