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Direct support for school leaders

Cmat is also able to provide direct support for school leaders. This support is led by David Hermitt, CEO of Cmat, who is designated as a Local Leader of Education (LLE). LLEs are successful headteachers who work alongside other heads to drive forward improvements and build capacity to ensure that improvements can be sustained. His remit in this role is to challenge and support other headteachers.

Challenge and support to school leaders at all levels is also provided by CHS senior and middle leaders or Cmat consultants as appropriate, working with you to secure and sustain improvement. In its inspection of Congleton High School in 2014, Ofsted recognised that "The executive principal provides clear leadership. He and his senior team are passionately committed to ensuring that the students in their care reach their full potential and are well prepared for their chosen careers or further study"  It also found that "The school's view of its own performance is accurate and based on strong quantitative evidence. Planning is clearly aimed at more improvement."

Similarly, following their short inspection in January 2018, Ofsted reported that the Leadership Team were "honest in [their] evaluation of  the school's strengths and weaknesses", had "put measures into place to address areas for improvement," and "created an inclusive school where you aim to get the best out of everyone."

Based on the highly effective processes of its member schools, Cmat can support school leaders in planning for improvement and in adapting these processes to meet particular needs.

Our direct support for school leaders is provided through:

  • a programme of one to one meetings
  • Cmat leaders working alongside other leaders in your own school
  • professional day visits to CHS or other Cmat schools to share effective best practice
  • facilitation of meetings
  • coaching of individuals and teams
  • training tailored to particular needs
  • a planning for improvement resource pack

The executive principal also provides mentoring support to newly appointed headteachers.

For more information on how our direct support will work for you, contact David Hermitt on 01260 730123 or use the staff contact link above.