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Cmat Strategic Plan

Each year the Trust completes a cycle of reviewing and refining our strategic plan. The process starts almost as soon as we publish our plan in January of each year. We have five main priority areas. Each area has an ambitious longer-term goal which is reviewed annually.

1. Growth

Growing to 5000 children by 31st December 2022 to enhance the sustainability of the Trust and our ability to add value to the schools in the Trust.

2. School Improvement

Improving the Ofsted rating of all our schools towards Outstanding.

3. Governance

Strengthening governance at all schools ensuring that all statutory information is provided to ensure wise decisions are taken at every level based on well-structured evidence-based proposals.

4. Financial Resilience

Achieving and maintaining a 5% reserve across the Trust and at each school to ensure that the Trust is recognised by the Education and Skills Funding Agency as financially secure with effective financial management.

5. Central Services

Enabling school leaders to focus on their core educational purpose by delivering outstanding central services; securing exceptional value for money through economies of scale.


The downloads to the right of this page provide the annual summary version of the strategic plan for our Trust. It is designed to run up to 31 December each year.

No single document can fully capture the passion of our staff to achieve even better outcomes for our children. The strategic plan can only give you a flavour of what we are doing to ensure that our children have the best possible life chances for the future.

Our Chief Executive, Mr David Hermitt, is happy to provide more information.