The Oaks Academy Governance

The Oaks Academy Local Governing Body is currently working as an Interim Executive Board (IEB) made up of three Trustees and the CEO due to the school’s current position.  There is a group of 8 members who make up The Oaks Academy Local Advisory Panel who currently meet every term. They are consulted on matters by the executive and the IEB and who provide stakeholder feedback to the IEB.  It is envisaged that in 6-9 months’ time this group of members will form a Local Governing Body for The Oaks Academy. 

The Chair of the IEB is David Wootton who is the Vice-Chair of the Trust Board.  If you wish to contact him, you can do so via email at or by using the contact form or by writing to David Wootton c/o The Oaks Academy, Buchan Grove, Crewe CW2 7NQ. 

The IEB meets every month and currently has no sub-committees. The scheduled meeting dates for the 2019/20 academic year are:-

Monday 18th May 2020      Monday 15th June 2020      Monday 13th July 2020

Appointed Members Terms of Office Declarations
Mr David Wootton (Chair) 01.11.19 - 31.10.2023 Wootton Education, Education Leadership Consultancy, Chair of Trustees of UCAT (Chester), Trustee of LCT (Telford), Trustee of AAT (Eastbourne)
Mr Andrew Pear 01.11.19 - 31.10.2023 Controlling Director of: Reliance Medical Ltd, Reliance Medical Holdings Ltd, Reliance Medical Shanghai Ltd, Pecks Restaurant Ltd, Wheatsheaf Sandbach Ltd, Pear Property Developments Ltd, Pear Property Leases (Sandbach) Ltd, Pear Interiors Ltd, Pleskarn Ltd
Director of East Cheshire Chamber of Commerce.
Mrs Dianne Sinclair 01.11.19 - 31.10.2023 Son is the owner of Stonehammer Music Ltd
Mr David Hermitt 01.11.19 - 31.10.2023 None that would conflict with my duty as a Cmat Officer

Governors' Attendance Data

Governor No of Possible Meetings No of Meetings Attended
Mr David Wootton 6 3
Mr Andrew Pear 6 6
Mrs Dianne Sinclair 6 6
Mr David Hermitt 6 6