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Proposal for The Oaks Academy to join Cmat

During the Summer term, Cmat began to provide educational and leadership support to The Oaks Academy in Crewe. This support will continue into the new academic year, with the Trust’s CEO, David Hermitt, acting as Executive Headteacher along with other Cmat-led activities. 

In addition to providing ongoing support to The Oaks, Cmat has received a request from the school to join the Trust. Trustees have been evaluating this request and consider the proposal may provide benefits to the school and the Trust as a whole, although detailed work is still ongoing to support such a decision. 


The next step in the process is to secure approval from the Secretary of State for Education regarding this proposed change. The Regional Schools Commissioner will be discussing the matter at the Headteacher Board Meeting in September.  


The Trust is seeking feedback from all stakeholders as part of the decision-making process before a final decision is made later this term. The closing date for feedback is 30th September 2019, at which point stakeholder views will be consolidated and shared with Trustees.

A detailed information pack can be found here which includes guidance on how you can contribute to the decision making process.

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